TEREA Sun Pearl Kazakhstan IQOS ILUMA Sticks in Dubai UAE

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The flavor of Terea Sun Pearl (Amelia Pearl) is a well-balanced toasted tobacco with a touch of spicy herbs. When a button is pressed, an exotic fruit flavor with menthol is revealed.
  • There are 200 sticks in 1 carton (10 packs x 20 sticks).
The item can only be ordered and shipped within the United Arab Emirates.

TEREA Twilight Pearl Kazakhstan IQOS Iluma Sticks in Dubai UAE

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Genuine tobacco sticks called IQOS TEREA Twilight Pearl come with an integrated heating blade made especially for IQOS ILUMA Kits.
  • HeatSticks and other tobacco products are only meant to be used for electric heating (iQOS). 1 carton is used for the transaction.
  • There are 10 packs of Terea tobacco sticks in this carton. There are 20 sticks in each pack, for a total of 200 sticks.

Buy Online HEETS TEREA Pearl For IQOS ILUMA in Dubai, Ajman, UAE

The innovative heat-not-burn gadget known as IQOS Iluma. Has become incredibly popular among people looking for a cigarette substitute. The IQOS Iluma has completely changed the way people consume tobacco. Thanks to its elegant appearance, cutting-edge technology, and improved user experience.  

Terea provides a fascinating assortment of flavors to go along. This state-of-the-art gadget guarantees IQOS consumers an unmatched sensory experience. Let’s go into the world of Terea Pearl flavors and discover the distinctive experiences they provide. 

TEREA Sun Pearl For IQOS ILUMA Sticks

The new Terea Smartcore stick’s tobacco is heated by the Smartcore Induction System. is the cutting-edge heating technology found in the new IQOS Iluma devices. There is only one auto-start feature: IQOS Iluma. that automatically turns on the device when it detects the insertion of the Terea Pearl stick. This works with these recently constructed sticks. 

without leaving any tobacco residue behind or requiring the gadget to be cleaned. The experience provided by these bladeless gadgets is more reliable. by gently heating tobacco without letting it burn in the middle.

Additionally, no smoke or combustion is produced by them, per PMI’s market research. The experience with IQOS ILUMA is better than with previous IQOS generations. 

Description of flavor:

Terea Sun Pearl (Amelia Pearl) has a toasted tobacco flavor that is well-balanced and slightly peppery with a hint of herbs. A button that releases a menthol-infused exotic fruit flavor is pressed. 

  • There are 200 sticks in 1 carton (10 packs x 20 sticks).

TEREA Twilight Pearl For IQOS Iluma Sticks

An integrated heating blade designed specifically for IQOS ILUMA Kits. Is included with genuine tobacco sticks, known as IQOS TEREA. 

TEREA Twilight Pearl: A mildly aromatic tobacco flavor. Additionally, when clicked, a taste capsule is attached. A burst of menthol and blueberries is released into the filter tip. 

For those who smoke as adults and would wish to keep smoking. But, IQOS has developed a substitute for cigarettes if you don’t want the ash or smoke. It is not intended for nonsmokers or ex-smokers. and this product is exclusive to the IQOS Iluma device. 

An explanation of the flavor:

a strong blend of roasted tobacco and subtle notes of malty aroma. With only one click, you can enjoy a pleasant taste that has mild undertones of forest berries. 

  • Tobacco products, including heat sticks, should only be used for electric heating (iQOS). For the transaction, one carton is utilized.
  • This carton contains ten packs of Terea tobacco sticks. There are 20 sticks in each pack, or 200 sticks total.

For additional information about TEREA Flavors Dubai, kindly consult our IQOS TEREA flavor guide. 

You can only order and have the item shipped to addresses in the United Arab Emirates.