New IQOS Iluma I Standard Orange in Dubai, Sharjah with Ajman

  • Color of the Device: Standard Orange
  • It is only compatible with Terea Iluma sticks.
  • Heating System: IQOS technology upgraded for better flavor
  • Battery: Sturdy and quickly charged

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New IQOS Iluma I Standard Orange in Dubai, Sharjah with Ajman

The unveiling of the IQOS Iluma I Standard in orange. This unique device created by Philip Morris isn’t your typical vape pen. The Iluma i Basic Orange’s straightforward orange style makes it easy and fashionable to carry. The standout feature is IQOS’s unique TEREA heating system.

Features and details:

  • Say goodbye to blades and hello to a more delicious. Consistent experience with Bladeless Design.
  • TEREA sticks are heated from within by the IQOS SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEM. Providing a genuinely pleasurable tobacco experience.
  • Quick Charging: With the quick charge feature, you may quickly resume using your Iluma I.
  • LED light: The easily readable LED light lets you know the current battery life and status of your smartphone.

Advantages and Significance:

  • Enhanced Flavor: When combined with IQOS TEREA sticks. The IQOS Iluma I offers a more robust and steady flavor than conventional cigarettes.
  • Decreased Odor: Vaping is far less odorous than smoking cigarettes. Making it a more covert experience.
  • Quick Heating: Take advantage of a faster heat-up time in comparison to earlier IQOS versions.

How to Apply It:

  • Just place a TEREA stick—which is supplied separately—into the apparatus.
  • Once the LED indication turns white, press the button.
  • Inhale and savor the aromatic vapor.

What is contained in this:

  1. IQOS Iluma I Standard Orange Device
  2. Cleaning Tool & Charging Cable

Why is it well-liked in Dubai?

Dubai is renowned for its sophisticated tastes. For individuals who value both style and innovation. There is the IQOS Iluma i Standard Orange. As a pleasant and maybe less dangerous substitute for regular cigarettes. It is a well-liked option among adult smokers in Dubai.


A more tasty and possibly safer substitute for ordinary cigarettes. Is the IQOS Iluma i Standard Orange, a groundbreaking gadget? Discover the ideal vaping device or TEREA stick for you. By visiting our online store and looking through our whole inventory.

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